Thursday, January 21, 2016 is back...

In 2002, when initially went up, there was not much information available on the internet about Vamsy. I felt the need for a place where fans like me can find some facts about Vamsy, his movies, his writings, his songs, some pictures etc. The site was up and running till 2013 when I missed the domain renewal deadline by a few days, and the domain was hijacked (till now) by an opportunistic Chinese guy that seems to prey on lazy domain owners like me.

A lot has changed since 2002, Vamsy has made more movies, he has given a lot of interviews, released a couple of short story collections, and has generally been more visible on and off the internet. There is a wealth of information out there, among other things, we have a wikipedia page, a facebook community. Most of Vamsy's movies and songs are out on Youtube. Several of his interviews can be found on Youtube, not to mention the 'Open heart with RK' episode with Vamsy (which seemed like neither Vamsy nor RK enjoyed doing). And I honestly think there is not much I can add. If I find something new/interesting/heartfelt, it shall be put up. Meanwhile, I will try to bring the original website back, as it was when it went down.

If you have anything to say, or anything you think should go up on the site, do let me know. Here is the email

Wikipedia Page
Facebook Link
IMDb Page (Work in progress?)
Twitter  #Vamsy
Lots of Youtube videos